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Transkor, is the world’s leader in innovation of the Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM). Actually, Transkor invented the Magnetic Tomography Method.

Transkor performs the following activities: designing and manufacturing of unique devices and systems for non-destructive testing of technical condition of pipeline systems (including unpiggable), and also carrying out works for increasing reliability and safety with their products in the sectors of the national economy related to operation of pipelines, reservoirs, etc. For the last 16 years the patented metal control devices for 100% of the pipelines has passed the large-scale industrial approbation at the facilities of 30 countries, in the largest operators of the oil and gas sector and confirmed the reliability of the data at a level of more than 85%

We believe that a healthy work force, safe working practices and concern for 
the environment equals good business. TGR policies promote good practices 
in these areas and we place a high priority on their implementation.
“Safety, an ASSET”.


Quick Remote Scanning of Pipelines

To monitor pipelines which are not subject to ILI in 2001 MTM was developed – the technology of continuous magnetic field scanning of the entire length of pipeline.

Dependences between the magnetic and mechanical properties of pipe steel have been found. In 2002-2010 many tests were carried out such as: search and evaluation of defects and clusters with defects of different nature; search and evaluation of stress concentration zones in conditions of rough terrain, both under internal pressure and absence of pressure; search for the weakest section on a pipeline of limited length.





Fast Inspection of Underwater Pipelines

In 2011 MTM was adapted to evaluate the state of underwater pipelines (Aqua MTM™).The essence of technique is in the continuous scanning of 3D magnetic field along the pipeline axis, construction of a stress distribution map, selection of limit criteria for specific pipeline operating conditions and the determination of VAT anomalies associated with changes of mechanical stresses. As device carriers for purposes of underwater inspection could be used ROV, AUV and diver.

Technology based on MTM, which goal is to calculate the actual mechanical stresses distributed along the axis of the given pipeline. This is achieved by determining relationship of the parameters between magnetic and mechanical fields of pipeline.